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Makris er en merkevare under vår italienske samarbeidspartner IMOON
Hos Makris er det meste mulig; vi kommer med idéer og Makris modifiserer sine produkter eller lager noe helt nytt.
De har også et stort grunnsortiment på belysning.

Dette er Makris' hovedstruktur:

Makris Custom


Belysningen tilpasses miljøet og er designet for å kommunisere kundens stil og personlighet på best mulig måte.

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Makris Design


DESIGN er Makris sitt grunnsortiment på belysning. Produktene her kan også tilpasses noe.


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Makris Concept


For en eksklusiv totalopplevelse. Spesiallaget belysning hvor løsningen er tilpasset ditt kundens prosjekt.

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About Makris

The best innovation of the Imoon brand fuses with the freedom to create new Makris shapes, to give light to brand new solutions which transform ideas into concrete projects. Originality, the desire to be inspired, without limits or conventions: each bespoke project is studied to communicate in the best possible way the Retailer’s style and personality and to involve the consumer in a unique and exclusive Store experience.

The Makris Team is composed of designers, architects and set designers joined by a common passion for perfection in combining unusual shapes to materials of different types and finishes. A futuristic vision which exalts lighting as a decisive factor in the creation of an evocative atmosphere and as an emblem of enthralling environments with a strong visual identity.